Own Property

Do you dare to dream big?

As a Kenyan living in the United States, do you find it challenging to realize your dream of owning property in Kenya? Do you dream of purchasing property with a clean title and being able to hold it until it matures financially? Have you considered developing real estate, perhaps building your dream home, or an apartment building to rent or sell? Does the prospect of having to travel to Kenya to start the processes make this almost unattainable within reasonable means? Do you wish you could have someone in your corner who understands the challenge of finding financing or verifying the validity of the Title?

You are not alone!

For so many other Kenyans like you who reside in the USA, owning a piece of real estate “nyumbani” whether it is land or a house seems an unattainable dream. Banks are often unwilling to fund these endeavors for various reasons ranging from mistrusting the applicant or offering sky high rates. And we have all heard about those who were ripped off by their relatives, realizing only after spending tens of thousands of dollars that there was no “project”. Well, lay aside the horror stories, the misgivings and all the other hurdles you have encountered or heard of so far.

We are here for you!

We are your SACCO and we are in your corner.

As your SACCO, we are positioned to not only offer you financial products but investment opportunities as well. As a uniquely positioned financial entity we are able to locate investment properties, verify them, guarantee them and offer them to you at significantly lower prices. We are also able to offer you financing that suits your needs. As your SACCO we will:

  1. Identify prime properties with great development potential. Due diligence will be performed to ensure the properties are on offer by the legitimate owners and the Titles are clean.
  2. Consult with real estate professionals to ensure the properties are priced fairly and are slated to appreciate in value. These include certified land surveyors, architects and land developers who have significant expertise in their areas of practice. We will also engage Real Estate attorneys to ascertain all laws and by-laws are observed as well as all relevant procedures are followed.
  3. Ensure that land offered for sale is strategically located to facilitate multiple use developments that are profitable.
  4. Ensure infrastructures such as access roads, utilities and necessary security measures are in place to eliminate this initial burden that is expensive, time consuming and stressful.
  5. Offer competitively priced financing options due to the relationships we have built with major financial institutions. Numerous banks and lenders have expressed their desire to work with us and in fact several have committed themselves to offer our members especially low rates through the SACCO. These offers are not available to individuals directly.
  6. Hand over a clean, verifiable Title of Ownership to members who complete their purchases.

More than just a SACCO

We also offer custom tailored services for our members who are seeking to lease properties. To this end we will partner with the right service providers who are not only credible but also understand the challenges faced by our members’ very unique circumstances and needs. This will include facilitating property leasing, rent collection and regular or emergency maintenance of the property. We will take the hassle of being a landlord/landlady off your hands by managing the property while you continue to enjoy the return on your investment.

As a member of this SACCO we will keep you actively engaged by soliciting your input and feedback throughout the entire process. From the location of the properties to the architectural planning and design, we will make sure your needs are met; that your desires are fulfilled. We understand the uniqueness of our members’ needs and the influences of different designs and styles having lived in the United States. As such we will seek partners on the ground who will share your vision and remain committed to it until fruition.

We are committed to your dream

Our biggest and deepest commitment to you is to eliminate the unnecessary stress caused by the uncertainty of investing in property that is thousands of miles away. We are committing ourselves to advocate your position; representing you as a knowledgeable investor in a product that you are conversant in. We have already established a SACCO team on the ground in Kenya which is working diligently to identify the most suitable Real Estate investment opportunities for our members. And as a member you will have the advantage of first notification with the option to purchase immediately.

As your SACCO, we are here to ensure your financial and investment needs are met. With us in your corner, you will not have to worry about your investment. With us, your dream of property ownership in Kenya is not just a hope. It is a sweet dream that we will help you realize with great ease.


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