How it began


Will meet and exceed member expectation, and become one of the largest, successful and well-run Sacco in the world.


To mobilize Savings, provide affordable credit to our members for development and ensure optimal returns through customized products that meet our member needs.

Core Values

Integrity, Timeliness, Transparency, Team work, Professionalism and Respect for others whose lives we touch.

Why this Sacco was formed

A group of Kenyans in the United States were looking for a solution to the never-ending struggles of Kenyans living in the diaspora. Many Kenyans had the desire to invest in their home country but due to the strict lending requirements by the Kenyan Banks and the discouraging high interest rates offered, most of them were not able to.
Even though banks had done their best to help, there was a great need and an enormous outcry among Diaspora Kenyans to have access to a more promising and more affordable financing options.

This is how the idea of a Sacco for Kenyans in the diaspora come to be. The Sacco was born out of a need that was so real and relevant to Kenyans living in the Diaspora, a need that many of them could relate to and identify with.

Kenya USA Diaspora Regulated Non-WDT Sacco made history as the first Diaspora Sacco to ever be registered by the Kenyan government in 2012.In 2022 we marked our 10 year anniversary celebrating growth in membership, growth in the loan book and the growth in total Savings. The Sacco bring together Kenyans from different parts of the world and acts as a collective voice in championing the interest of Kenyans abroad.