Group Investment

What is a group investment?

Group investment involves a collection of like-minded individuals who band together in order to pool their resources. They do so with a goal of pursuing investment ventures and profitable business projects that they otherwise would not do alone. Their goals are common, long term and serve as a vehicle to build solid long-term wealth together. To make this possible, members continually save together and agree not to withdraw their savings in the near future. They are willing to forgo immediate gratification in the form of dividends or monetary awards. This facilitates the accruing of necessary financial resources that serve as initial capital for their chosen investment venture or project.

Members in a group investment can utilize the group as a vehicle to invest in various real estate syndication projects such as land acquisitions, commercial or residential real estate, or government guaranteed projects such as those under the Vision 2030 and other business projects.

They can also provide seed money for entrepreneurial ventures such as agri-business, public development projects, market driven ventures; all of which are proving sustainable and profitable. Members can also choose to build diversified investment portfolios to include financial instruments such as Diaspora bonds, Government issued securities like treasury bills and bonds, and trade shares in the stock market.

Our vision: Informed investment for you

Our targeted market research has shown that there is a significant amount of interest from Kenyans in the United States to invest meaningfully in Kenya and East Africa as a whole. While the ideas expressed to us are based on the goals of building personal wealth and net worth, we have also found that there are concerns regarding risks and how to hedge those. Our advisory teams on the ground have assisted us in understanding how best to achieve this through group investments. It is a great tool because it enables small and large investors to leverage their financial resources as a group. This creates opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable such as investing in unlisted companies, which can result in significant returns on investment once those companies go public.

The SACCO will facilitate the discovery of these opportunities as well as the dissemination of the information to you. Due to our ability to consolidate information from verifiable sources we can assure you that the information will be accurate and appropriate for our members. As a SACCO, we do recognize that timely decisions are of utmost importance when it comes to investing in our growing economy. To that end, we are in a unique position to provide timely and well positioned insight that will be sure to lead to significant returns on your investments.

Our Commitment: To get you to your goal

Our first commitment to you as our member is to help you take advantage of this market and create wealth. We are able to do this through the various financial instruments we offer and the great depth of expertise we offer both here in the United States and in Kenya. Our team on the ground has began to identify opportunities so you can seize the moment before it is too late. Our focus is on helping you get to your goal of financial independence through multiple streams of investment incomes in the following ways:

  1. Assisting our members in pooling resources together, forming stronger investment groups with an aim to exponentially increase the returns on investments while reducing risk.
  2. Facilitating the formation of companies or associations with a view to issue shares as a means to raise capital for viable investments
  3. Offer professional insights into the management of those companies with an aim to generate organic growth that will lead to the further raising of capital through IPOs resulting in the multiplication of personal wealth
  4. Assisting the groups with managing the distribution of proceeds to shareholders
  5. Capitalize on market opportunities by identifying products that would fit the group’s goals and needs
  6. Assist our members and their groups realize the dream of generating wealth and streams of income that they, their families and future generations can enjoy

Your unique position

In recent years there has been an increase in interest in Africa. Seven of the ten fastest growing economies in the world are in Africa and of the 10 best cities to invest in Africa, two are in Kenya. The continued intensification of interest has drawn foreign direct and indirect investment from countries across the globe. It is not unusual to see investors from South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Japan, India and China in Africa doing business alongside our traditional trading partners from the West. This has given all of us the wonderful opportunity to build long lasting wealth for ourselves and future generations. And we, your SACCO, are here to help make that dream come true through this tailor-made approach to investing and wealth building.

We are staunch believers in the concept of wealth building as opposed to being rich. Our collective experiences have informed us that there is a difference between being rich and being wealthy.

Wealthy versus rich

Being rich is a current state of being that is not guaranteed to be a permanent state of being. It is transient and that is because riches can be obtained overnight or over a long period of time however through only one source. That can be through a successful career, newfound celebrity status or even winning the lottery. However, in order to sustain these riches, one has to maintain that source of income and it is not guaranteed or in some cases sustainable.

Being wealthy, unlike being rich, is a permanent long term state of being. It is permanent because it involves incomes from several assets whether tangible such as shares and job incomes or intangible such as skills and talents. In order to generate wealth, one must be able to sustain their lifestyle even if they lose their primary source of income. Therefore if an individual loses their employment and are able to maintain their current lifestyle by income from assets, then they are wealthy.

Our question to you is: which do you prefer? In which category do you see yourself?

As your SACCO we have a vision for you: we see you in the second category. Wealthy.

Join us in making sure that you realize this dream of being wealthy. Do not miss any more opportunities. It is your right to reap the benefits of coming from one of the fastest growing economies in the world.


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