Mr.Duke Mocham – Treasurer

Mr.Duke Mocham - Treasurer

Mr. Duke Mochama Heads the Finance and Accounting division of a nonprofit organization in the Minneapolis Minnesota area. He has extensive knowledge and experience in finance and accounting that runs more than 15 years.

He has interests in various industries ranging from transportation, construction and in the stock markets. He loves financial modeling and helping his clients with their financial needs through 2M Global LLC, a small business that specializes in provision of accounting, taxation and investment services in Minnesota. He is the treasurer of 254 United Group, a small non profit that is based in Minnesota that focuses mainly on helping members with financial needs during difficult times.
Duke has a Master’s in Business Administration with emphasis in Finance from Bethel University Saint Paul, Minnesota, a Bachelor of Finance degree from the University of Nairobi and CPA(K). In his free time, he loves watching football, trying new delicacies, visiting new places and learning new cultures and languages.